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For the Creative and Curious.

Uppercase Magazine is a quarterly craft, fashion, illustration, and design journal published by Janine Vangool out of Calgary, Alberta. The first issue was released in June 2009, and the publication recently celebrated it's 10th anniversary!

We eagerly anticipate each issue, and carry back issues until they are gone.

Issue 61: 

To make art, you need two driving forces: inspiration and impulse.

Inspiration is typically sparked by outside sources—something we’ve seen, experienced or read—but it can also come from revisiting our own past work with a fresh perspective. Our archives of imaginative experiments offer a renewable resource of creative ideas. 

Inspiration is fleeting, though, if we don’t do something with it. Follow that inner impulse and make something!

When it comes to “outside” sources of inspiration, the landscape has always been a classic muse in the world of art. It’s a good subject matter: the landscape provides constancy across years and yet has an alluring changing temperament brought on by weather, seasons and endless moods of light, shadow and atmosphere.

We grow emotionally attached to “our” landscapes—these lands and bodies of water become part of our identity. Looking out over a beautiful vista puts us in our place, illustrating just how small we really are. 

Landscapes remind us to look outside of our selves.

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