Soberdough Brew Bread, Cheesy Garlic

Soberdough Brew Bread, Cheesy Garlic

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This product is a collaboration between a son with an idea, and a mother with the best bread recipes to bring the idea to life. Handcrafted in Nashville, these kits come with all you ingredients that you require, with the exception the beer (and in some cases, cheese).

No fail - all that you need to do is add beer to the mix, stir it up, bake it,  and ta-da you have a perfect loaf of bread.

You can use a cheap can, a local craft, cider, or for those who aren't interested in adding alcohol, club soda can be used.

Cheese, garlic and herbs... a wonderful blend with a moist texture.

• 100% All natural ingredients

• Dairy-free and Soy-free

• Made in a nut-free facility

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